Tony Hendle takes the helm of judging in BYBA

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As we gear ourselves up for the 2018 season, we are pleased to announce that Tony Hendle has been invited to lead our BYBA Judging Team, Tony has accepted and been appointed as Judging Manager for 2018-2019; we’ve taken the opportunity to also introduce a two-year term of office.

Taking our current judging system through a refresh has been informally debated over the past two seasons, both within the judging community as well as the wider BYBA membership. This was a point of debate at the 2017 National Performance Conference, and a commitment was given to bring this matter to a Members’-led Open Forum which will take place on Sat 3 Feb, 2018, in Warwick.

On taking up this appointment, Tony said, “I am really looking forward to moving the judging process and the system forward in working with existing judges, bringing new people through, and listening to what band staff want from our judging system”.

BYBA will be welcoming back experienced judges from 2017 and recent years, and opening the doors for those with skill and knowledge which may feel they have an aptitude to go through training, supported by our Judging Management Team led by Tony, aided by Mark Nicholson, Visual Caption Head, and a yet to be recruited replacement to fill the vacant position of Music Caption Head (Tony’s former role).

Paul Cartwright, Association Chair and Interim Performance Chair said, “I am really pleased that we have someone with vast experience leading BYBA Judging, Tony will do a great job, and will I am sure have the respect of his peers and band staff, alike. There is now an opportunity for bandmasters and instructors to play a big part defining what they want and need from judging, and I’m convinced our Judging Management Team will respond to that with changes to our system for the 2019 season”.

The team will be meeting in January, and at this stage, the weekend of 28/29 April, has been earmarked for training (whether one or two days, the precise details will be confirmed in due course). The team can be contacted via email, initially, on  and all enquiries will receive our fullest attention.

Paul Cartwight
Performance Chair