Contest Entry Form


Contest Entry Registration Process:

Contest Entry Form is now live on the BYBA Website:

Between now (registration opening) & 29th February (registration close)– Bands register which contests they intend to enter and payment is made via Paypal at the time of booking or via cheque within 30 days.

On 1st March – BYBA publishes confirmed list of contest entries and draws.

For entries into contests after 29th February or where by payment is not received within 30 days of the closing date: After this point bands will automatically go ahead of the first band drawn, in order of entry.

Entry Fees:

Regional Contest (Max of 2) – £50.00 Shows 1 and 2

Regional Contest Reduced Rate – Contest 3 & 4 £25.00  (Gold Members ONLY)

National Championships – £125.00

Non Members Regional contest– £60.00 and subsequent contests £40  [If a non, Bronze or Silver member then becomes a Gold member & does a full BYBA Season, you will get the £50 off the cost of Finals]

Withdrawals from contests will carry the full (none-reduced) contest entry fee as well as a 50% withdrawal cost, which would go direct to the Contest itself.

* If you have chosen Paypal please click the send button at the bottom of the page once your form is complete to be redirected to Paypal website to complete your submission with payment. *

* If you have chosen payment via Cheque please still send your form as above and you will be contacted for payment so can ignore the redirection. *

Contest Entry Form:

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* This selection only applies to your first competitive show due to movement during the first half of the contesting season depending on scores achieved.

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*Subject to meeting National Championships qualification criteria (see performance guidelines).

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