Brass Explosion Show 2018

On Sunday 23rd September the British Youth Band Association holds is final regular season contest hosted by Stafford Lancers.

British Youth Band Association National Performance Conference 2018

This year’s National Performance Conference is to be held on Saturday 3 November 2018 at Outwood Primary School, 4 Southlands, Atherstone, Warwickshire ...

Midland Music in Motion Show 2018

In just two weeks time the British Youth Band Association ‘kicks off’ the second half of its 2018 season with the Midland Music in Motion show hosted by Beeches Performance Ensemble.

National Individual & Ensembles 2018

Fancy yourself as the next star of the marching arts? Are you always tooting and squealing, tapping and dutting, spinning and throwing?

Change of venue for Birmingham BYBA Show

BYBA is now able to announce that our Midlands Music in Motion show hosted by Beeches Performance Ensemble will take place at...

Music Revolution Contest Review – By Adrian Riley

In the UK as across the Atlantic, show concept is now a big part of how a marching unit presents their music and movement – this made for a great days entertainment at Music Revolution, the first show of the BYBA & DCUK seasons.