National Conference Proposal Results 2014

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National Conference Proposal Results 2014

At Sundays National Conference, held at Weston Road Academy, Blackheath Lane, Stafford 7 proposals were discussed.  The following is a brief summary of the proposals and voting results.

Proposal One – Change to how Council Operates

Overview: A discussion around the context of the proposal took place which outlined a need for engagement in the direction of the Association from its members and stakeholders, as well as ways of ensuring effective transparency on what council is doing.  From that discussion, the need for a meeting was agreed by all that allowed this to take place.

What is the outcome: Further details will be released on this shortly which will be scheduled for January, which its Agenda will be member led.

Voting Results: Deferred to AGM.

Proposal Two – Redesign of the Contest Entry Process

Overview: A discussion took place regarding amending the proposal to allow for all contest draws to be done on 01 January, rather than it being  a first enter last on approach.  This amendment was accepted.

What is the outcome: The new format for Contest Entry has now been released via the email sent out this morning.  It means everyone will have a clearer view of the forthcoming season by March latest, which allows for better planning by all.

Voting Results: For 30, Against 0, Abstentions 0

Proposal Three – Removal of Associate

Overview: A passionate discussion took place regarding this change.  The need to bring more young people into our activity was highlighted, as well as discussions around experienced people marching rather than teaching.  All in attendance showed a passion in working together to share experiences and find positive ways to bring young people in to bands.

What is the outcome: No change in 2015, however all bands wanting to work together to share experiences for a common goal.

Voting Results: For 0, Against 28, Abstentions 2

Proposal Four – Change to Calculation of Guard Score

Overview: An explanation of how the current Guard Score for normalisation (those bands who do not have a guard) was given and a comparison between the current calculation and the proposed calculation of scores was shown, which highlighted very little movement in scores (no more than 0.5 for most).

What is the outcome: For all bands two subtotal scores are calculated.  Score 1 is based off all 8 judged caption scores calculated together, Score 2 is based off 7 caption scores (minus Guard) and the average of your visual scores (Visual Effect + Visual Analysis + Field Visual divided by 3) calculated together.  The largest of either Score 1 or Score 2 is then took forward as your Total [Given] Score on the day).

Voting Results: For 24, Against 0, Abstentions 6

Proposal Five – Change to Block Timing (Removal of 4 minute rule)

Overview: Discussions took place around how this would work on the field, and the change to the timekeepers role if any as well as how it would benefit everyone in terms of management of time to setup, prepare, and clear the field.

What is the outcome: It allows bands to use their time as they require, as well as being less complex in terms of pressure setting up by not having the 4 minute max setup rule in place.  It also clears up confusion of when the timing starts and ends.  All will be clearly documented in the 2015 Guidelines.

Voting Results: For 29, Against 0, Abstentions 0

Proposal Six – Rule/Guideline Handbook Redesign

Overview: A short discussion around the benefits of changing the design and structure of our guidelines took place, including being able to remove some duplication, and set out the guidelines in a more plain English approach.

What is the outcome:  A clearer layout for all and a document structure for member bands that only includes the information that is relevant to them and that does not seem overwhelming.

Voting Results: For 29, Against 0, Abstentions 0

Proposal Seven – Change to Critique Timings

Overview: A discussion around the change to the critique process towards the end of the 2014 season and its benefits to both performing bands and contest directors took place.

What is the outcome: 3 groups of judges (Music, Visual, Effect) allow for 3 bands to rotate around at 5 minute intervals. A more relaxed critique process, which allows bands and judges more discussion time (15 minutes in total per band) but also takes less time on a contest day to administer.

Voting Results: For 29, Against 0, Abstentions 0

The 2015 Performance Guidelines will be prepared over the next month or so in preparation for release in January.