Former Communications Chair David John Harvey receives BYBA Fellowship

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David became known to members of BYBA in the mid 1980’s when he was Corps Director of the Southend Blue Jackets, which he ran with his wife Jill. One of their instructors was Brian Griffiths, who was at the time BYBA’s Wind Caption Head, spoke highly of David in BYBA circles!

David had on-going discussion with Eddie Burridge on the direction of BYBA, when other Associations were gaining strength, though David and his corps remained loyal to BYBA.

When BYBA’s AGM approved the original Regionalisation Plan, David was identified as a strong ally for Council in that area of the country, and David joined Council to represent that region.

He was always at the Festival of Fun & Music with his corps, working mainly with percussion, however he was equally at home with wind instruction. David went onto become the Editor of Notebook (BYBA’s publication for members), creating some wonderful tales – some may remember “Barn Hall”, which was always well received by readers.

David was always positive on anything that stood to further the aims of The Association, and was seen as “A still voice of calm”.

Paul Cartwright
Association Chair

AGM 2015
Presented 12 July, 2015