First meeting of the of the newly formed BYBA Youth Council

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As a youth organization, we have a commitment to ensuring the youth voice is listened to. So the first meeting of the newly formed BYBA Youth Council took place at Ibstock Scout HQ, alongside the BYBA AGM on Saturday 4th February.

This was the first time in recent years such a meeting has been held and is a springboard for young people’s involvement in BYBA decision making. Bands represented were Revolution, Beeches, Liberty, Stafford Brigades and Thurrock although every member band and corps had the opportunity to send people. The youth members offered their opinions and views on what they want from BYBA and banding more generally.

A brief resume of requests included:

  • Time to socialise and speak to other bands members
  • Education workshops teaching young leaders
  • More massed performance opportunities
  • Social events such as a Drum Corps sports day or BBQ
  • Theme park visits
  • A camp with instruction and master classes

Bandmasters and Corps Directors – we need you!

The members of the youth council want every band to be represented the youth council, putting forward THEIR views on the future of how they want BYBA to run and the events they want to be considered.

Although the youth council will aim to meet a couple of times a year, most interaction will be done through the private Facebook group, a Whatsapp group and occasional teleconferences. This is your chance to let your youth members have their say, and a chance for them to shape the future of BYBA. Ideally every BYBA member band and corps will be represented by two members aged 18 or under. All they need to do is join the groups, canvass the views of their fellow band members, and give their opinions.

The Youth Council is facilitated by Neil Wright and Barbara Leach but run by the members themselves. For more information and to volunteer your members please contact Neil or Barbara on or through Facebook.

Neil Wright

So that’s what BYBA said about the meeting, but what did the Youth Council members say?….

Sophie said….

“I thought it was very productive and it finally gave the youth a say in what happens to the organisation that has shaped us so much as people over the years.
I liked the fact we all came together from different corps and had the opportunity to meet new people who are passionate about band too. I think we all came up with some great ideas that will expand BYBA and bring it back to the organisation we know and love.”

Sophie Scott – Beeches PE

Victoria said….

For our first meeting, although it was somewhat small, it was immensely productive and well received by not only the young people but the members of the BYBA council.
Amongst many things, we found common ground in talking about how we can make BYBA a more social activity between corps, as well as developing musical technique through “masterclass” type sessions between corps and bands.
We also were able to get to know each other in the midst of our lively discussion before feeding back and participating in the second half of the full BYBA meeting. The ideas were taken on board and bounced around between groups to collaboratively make a well rounded plan for further steps in the youth council meetings. We are now putting some of our plans into action and hope to develop them in future meetings to bring a new perspective on certain aspects of BYBA.”

Victoria Spencer – Revolution