Eddie “Captain Beaky” Burridge RIP

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Bandmaster of Parkstone Boys’ Brigade, Poole.

In 1977 Eddie walked into the 2nd Parkstone Company of The Boys’ Brigade & became Captain. He said “I’m going to start a band, a marching band”, and he did.

He shaped the lives of many young people, taking the band to Holland, France, The Royal Albert Hall, Wembley Arena, Birmingham’s National Indoor Arena & all over the country, even on board the cruise ship, QE2!

Eddie became involved with BYBA through “The Ambassadors” (formerly Parkstone BB), and in late 1980, BYBA’s Treasurer, Derek Wirdnam persuaded Eddie to stand for Council, which was under the Chairmanship of Leroy Grubb. Eddie was elected 1991 with the remit to regionalise BYBA, which he did in creating seven regions such was the number of bands and contests, as well as the good geographical coverage particularly though not exclusively, England.

In 1993, he was elected to the Chair of BYBA, a post he held for 7 years, until passing the baton on to Bob Girvan in 2000. At that time, Eddie was appointed as one our Vice Presidents, a role which has now by subsumed into the BYBA Fellowship.

After some time away from BYBA, in recent years he rekindled his interest by following the activity on social media and attending a number of contests and a BYBA Reunion.

Eddie, RIP

Paul Cartwright

Association Chair