David Cousland receives the BYBA Presidents award for 2015

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David has served the marching band activity for a significant number of years, both locally and nationally. That service started like many people as a very supportive parent, offering invaluable help, then going on to join the band’s Management Committee when the band gained its independence.

Dave_C&Paul_CMany years of professional expertise were relevant making David an ideal candidate for Council, from which two other roles simultaneously followed; there aren’t many people who could successfully hold down three BYBA roles at the same time, but David did.

At other times, David has worked at National Championships, Individuals & Ensembles, regional contests, and on working parties.

Various Council members, past and present, have become close friends with David through BYBA meetings, working together as part the team, not to mention car sharing. We can count him as being a very close friend of the Association Chair and many others across BYBA, and one who has worked very hard for this Association.

So, from where it all started with Chase District Guide Band, to Association Treasurer including coming out of retirement as interim Treasurer, to a Dalton Wright Bursary Fund Administrator, and Membership Secretary.

The British Youth Band Association is proud to present the President’s Award for 2015 is David Cousland in appreciation of his contribution to both the Association and activity.

Paul Cartwright

Association Chair