Allan Hainsworth receives the 2016 BYBA President’s Award

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At the recent Brass Explosion competition Allan Hainsworth was presented with the British Youth Band Association’s President’s award for his contribution to Halifax BB/GB Band and the Marching Band activity.


Paul Cartwright presents Allan Hainsworth with the BYBA President’s Award at the Brass Explosion Contest

Assistant Bandmaster Dave Fox, who submitted the nomination on behalf of the band, paid tribute to Allan:

“Allan will in October retire as Bandmaster of the Halifax Boys and Girls Brigade Marching Band one of the oldest Marching Bands in the Country having served as bandmaster for 40 years.

He joined the band when he was 11 playing the cornet, which continued until he was asked to become Bandmaster in 1976 by the Halifax Battalion, which at that time was known as the Halifax Battalion Boys’ Brigade Band.

In 1982 members of the Halifax Girls’ Brigade were invited to join and since then the band has been known as the Halifax BB/GB band.

Over the years a lot of changes have all been under the direct control of Allan, including girls joining, and new uniform designs which relate to the traditional BB uniform though achieving a different visual appearance for contests across the country.

Allan started banding when he was 11 and he’s 78 now so that makes 67 yrs in banding. he officially stepped down, though will continue until BYBA’s 2016 National Championships.”

On behalf of the British Youth Band Association I would like to thank Allan for his many years service to the marching band activity, and wish him a long and healthy retirement and hope to still see him at band events for years to come.

Paul Cartwright
Association Chairman

Allan joins an esteemed group of former President’s Award recipients :

1988 – Lee Parrott. Westbury Bluebirds
1989 – Andrew Vincent. Southwick North Bradley
1990 – David Rogers. Bristol Unicorns
1991 – Paul Williamson. Templar Knights
1993 – Laura Fox. Spirit 0f Bristol
1994 – Tammie Betworth. The Kingsmen
1995 – Michelle Allcott. Regency Corps
1996 – Dina Cooper. Staplehurst
1999 – The Nimrods
2001 – Terry Kemp. Nuneaton
2003 – Dave Milton. Stafford Lancers
2005 – Joan and Eddie Hendle
2010 – Jackie Tetley
2014 – John Harrop
2015 – David Cousland
2016 – Allan Hainsworth