Strategic Partnership Announcement

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Friday 8 December 2017

The British Youth Band Association and the Indoor Music Games organisations are pleased to confirm that they have today entered into a formal strategic partnership, where mutual communications and promotional opportunities will be explored over the coming weeks and months.

Speaking of the strategic partnership, BYBA Chair, Paul Cartwright comments “We have observed the movement of the indoor scene for the last few years and the diversity of musical performance from a wide range of styles is something that resonates with the Association as we facilitate for a varied and wide range of styles ourselves, predominantly in the outdoor space. The synergy of promoting both activities is also strong with the Indoor Music Games focusing on the winter months and the Association predominantly concentrating on the summer months so we have the opportunity to promote each others activities with little to no conflict, but with a potentially mutual gain for all those who take part as exposure to both could lead to potential additional joining members over time which would be great news for the wider activities as a whole. I look forward to our mutually beneficial relationship going forwards”.

Adding to this, Andy Hewlett, Chair of the newly formed board at Indoor Music Games said “We believe we have created something quite new and innovative in the Indoor Music Games, and to be able to enter into a strategic partnership with one of Europe’s most prolific organisations in the British Youth Band Association gives me and us great hope for mutually beneficial promotion of each others activities for everyone involved. Our circuit is growing and has grown steadily over the past three years and we hope that we will be able to expose all those that take part in our events to what the British Youth Band Association also has to offer with the hope that we can introduce members into that space and of course the same will be true of exposing the Indoor Music Games opportunities via the Association too. I very much look forward to developing this partnership”.

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