Contest Entries:

Last Updated  – 10/06/2019 

We are now accepting entries into our 2019 contesting season.
Band Masters / Corps Directors please use the link below to register your intention to take part.
If you have any questions about participating at a BYBA event contact

Contest entry form here

Confirmed Contest Entries:

In order of performance

23rd June 2019 – Summer Rhythm

Cadets Contest Championship Open
1. 1st Ibstock Scouts

2. TS Alacrity

3. 15th Nottingham BB

4. Concord AllStars

5. Liberty

6. 1st Minster BB

1. Phantom Knights  


7th July 2019 – Midlands Music in Motion

Cadets Contest Championship Open
1. Christ Church Ashton CLCGB Band

2. Concord AllStars

3. 1st Ibstock Scouts

4. Liberty

5. Thurrock MB

1. Revolution

2. Comets PE

3. Phantom Knights

1. Beeches PE

22nd September 2019 – Brass Explosion

Cadets Contest Championship  Open
1. Stafford Brigades


1. Liberty

2. Thurrock MB

3. Christ Church Ashton CLCGB Band

4. 1st Ibstock Scouts


1. Phantom Knights

2. Comets PE