The Season

Contest Entries

The following shows entries into 2016 contests – updated 10 June 2016.

Contest Area Barnsley Grantham Daventry Hednesford Stafford
Date 19 June 26 June 10 July 04 Sept 18 Sept
Entry Count (10) (6) (6) (7) (9)


Cadence Juniors X
Stafford Brigades Cadets X
Thurrock Marching Brass X
Warwick Corps of Drums X X


10th South Shields X
Concord AllStars X
Comets PE X X  X X
Dynamic Vibe PE X X
Halifax BB/GB X X
Nexus X X X
Spalding Marching Ambassadors X
Stafford Brigades X X X X
Trinity SSB X X


Beeches PE X X X
East Coast Elite X X
Liberty Drum Corps X X X
Phantom Knights X X
Revolution Show Corps X  X X X

‘?’ Indicates Entry is to be confirmed
‘+’ Indicates Entries Subject to Venue Confirmation
‘W’ Indicates Entry Withdrawn

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