Judging Panels for the 2015 Season Released

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We can now advise on the judging panels for the 2015 season (subject to amendments).

pcjudgingThe following table outlines the full panel listings for Music Revolution (14 June), East Midlands Showdown (21 June), Summer Rhythm (12 July) and Brass Explosion (20 September).

Each judge has their own BYBA email address to allow bands to contact judges quickly and easily, and each email address is shown at the bottom of each caption sheet, which is included in the band results pack collected from Band Reception after retreat.

If anyone would like further information on becoming a BYBA accredited Judge, or has any queries regarding the information below, please contact judging@byba.org.uk.

  Music Revolution14 June East Midlands Showdown21 June Summer Rhythm12 July
Brass Explosion
20 September
Music Effect Jay Howard Jay Howard Paul Morgan Tony Hendle
Visual Effect Paul Cartwright Paul Cartwright Mark Nicholson Paul Cartwright
Music Analysis Paul Morgan Nigel Brown Jay Howard Nigel Brown
Visual Analysis Lee Court Tony Lees Richard Haw Tony Lees
Field Wind Marie Leighton Gavin Moore Marie Leighton Gavin Moore
Field Visual Andy Horton Keith Morris Andy Horton Keith Morris
Field Percussion Lynne Horton Lee Court Lynne Horton Lee Court
Colour Guard Mark Nicholson Jo Baker Lee Court Jo Baker
Timing & Penalties Glenn Riley Glenn Riley Glenn Riley Glenn Riley
Tabulator(s) Ann & John Legon Ann & John Legon Ann & John Legon John Harrop
Digital Transfer Sarah Marshall Sarah Marshall Sarah Marshall Sarah Marshall
Referee Pete Marshall John Harrop John Harrop Pete Marshall