T.S.Swiftsure NTC: BYBA 2010

Monday, 22 November 2010 20:22 Marie Leighton
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BYBA NewsT.S.Swiftsure NTC: BYBA 2010

Early 2010 after our success at the 2009 NTC National Band Competition we sat all the band members down and suggested they had a new challenge for the year.

We explained who BYBA were and that it would be a great experience for us to compete against other bands outside of the NTC. We could use the feed back from the judges to help us at the NTC band finals in October. It would also help the new band members getting used to playing in front of the public. Due to the commitments and other activities within our Corps, our calendar was already full and we could only enter 2 competitions.

We started by having a Band camp in late January and our show was all set for the junior division.

We hadn’t entered any BYBA competitions since 1990 and felt it was the right class to enter. Before our first competition the bandmaster went to the first BYBA competition at Aldershot to see the standard of the bands and more importantly to meet some of the BYBA judges and organizers.

He found everyone extremely helpful and everyone went out of their way to introduce themselves to him on the day.

They were all glad to see a new member join the BYBA circuit and offered their assistance towards us in anyway they could.

Mike Suckling the representative for the southeast of England came to one of our practices to have a chat and help us with any questions we had. We found Mike very helpful and he was surprised by the quality of our band. By this time we had found out that there were no other bands competing in the Junior Division and he said we would be ok entering division 3.

By this time we were only a few weeks away from our first competition and our show wasn’t long enough but went with what we had.

At “UPTON” our first competition we had a situation that not many people know about, 2 of our cadets had no uniform white shirts to wear and we didn’t know until we were changing. Our Chairman and a parent shot off in a car to the nearest supermarket to buy 2 shirts and they made it back just in time for the 2 cadets to change into them just as we were about to enter the field to play.

Scott Merison age 13

The feedback we received from the judges and critique were definitely helpful and we changed our show 3 times before the finals in October.

My BYBA experience

The BYBA competition was a great experience and good fun. It has given me confidence to perform in other competitions but I shall always remember BYBA as it was my first competition. I shall never forget the feeling when we got called onto the field, it was sensational and when we finished a great sense of pride that filled me up. It was a great experience.

Connor Cresswell age 13

The BYBA finals soon came around and it was a close thing whether we went or not. As a youth group that does other activities other than band, raising money for a coach to travel to Crewe was a big decision for us as we have to support other activities like canoeing, shooting and camping just to name a few.

In the end and with the help of donations from local companies we feel we made the correct decision and all had a great time. The standard of the bands were very high but we believe we had a successful first year holding our own, coming 9th in division 3 at the finals. Later this year we successfully won the NTC national band competition at Burgess Hill, winning every trophy apart from Dress and Turnout.

Without a shadow of a doubt competing in 2 competitions and the finals in Crewe this year helped us with our success at our NTC National Finals. It pushed us to another level by introducing extra practices, working on our techniques and improving our show from the comments we received from the BYBA judges.
Karl Merison
Band Master of T.S.Swiftsure N.T.C.

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