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WGI Announces New Partnership and Events with Indoor Music Games

WGI Sport of the Arts, has announced the creation of a strategic partnership with Indoor Music Games. Based in the United Kingdom ...

Marie Leighton-Morgan memorial award

National Championships saw the presentation of the first ever Marie Leighton-Morgan memorial award...

National Championships Performance Schedule

Only a few more days until the British Youth Band Association National Championships take place at the Bedford International Athletics Stadium....

2018 League Champions Announced

The British Youth Band Association is delighted to reveal the final league tables of our 2018 contesting season.

The Terry Kemp Memorial Trophy – Can you nominate someone special?

Can you nominate someone special who you feel deserves special recognition?

Brass Explosion Show 2018

On Sunday 23rd September the British Youth Band Association holds is final regular season contest hosted by Stafford Lancers.