BYBA and IMG take the indoors outdoors

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Today BYBA and Indoor Music Games (IMG) strengthened their strategic partnership by announcing the creation of a new IMG Class for BYBA’s summer season of outdoor contests.

This exciting new class will provide an opportunity for a wider range of music groups to take part at BYBA events making BYBA shows more diverse and entertaining and bringing the diversity of IMG to more people. IMG contests have previously showcased singers, big bands, instrumentalists and small ensembles, as well as newer marching units not yet ready to take to the field. Entrants will be judged using the IMG Music Ensemble criteria, meaning that they can focus on perfecting their musical performance.

For Indoor Music Games, Chairman Andy Hewlett said, “This is a great opportunity to expose so many more people both to what the Indoor Music Games scene has to offer and to what the British Youth Band Association has to offer. It’s a win-win for both of us.I am a firm believer that partnerships like this one should always do what they can to make that partnership worth something and I applaud Clive Burd, head of Contesting at BYBA, and the BYBA Chairman, Neil Wright, for seeing the very same opportunities that we do in working together to expand things in this way.”

BYBA Chairman, Neil Wright commented, “We have started to really look at what we want to be as an Association, and the word ‘inclusive’ really should mean something to all of us. We are making great strides to re-examine ourselves and this has meant some exciting changes in how we approach things. We want to send a clear message to everyone that it doesn’t matter about your make-up or style, the Association will help you come along and showcase all that is good about music and the marching arts.This extension to our relationship with IMG helps us to expand that offering. It provides a tried and tested class that removes the need for movement but retains the excitement. It allows young and old alike to come along and have a go and enjoy the whole day at one of our shows. This can only be a good thing and I would like to thank Andy Hewlett and his team for working with us to achieve this goal.”

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